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Club Captains – Update

Please Note: We will also welcome nominations/volunteers for Vice-captains for both Boys and Girls (free hoodies too). In the event of a tie in the voting process we have now taken this out of the hands of our President and a sub-group of the committee will make the final decision – far too big a call for one person to make 🙂       Remember names by 30th April please


Club Captains

Club Captains

Just circulated via email to the Senior Squad Contact List.

The Committee would like to welcome applications/ names/volunteers to be Boy Captain & Girl Captain for this year . Any current club (swimming) member aged 15 or over in this calendar year (including those whose 15th birthday falls in this year) are eligible to be considered.
Club Captains will be expected to represent the club when required, set example to their peers and the junior section of the club, and help out with some social or other activities.
Parents – If you would like your child to be considered for one of the Captain positions please email with the name of your child – confirming that you would like them to be considered (and that you have actually spoken to your child and they are willing!)

Swimming Members – if you would like to be considered please email your interest to

I am sure the incentive of a free hoodie will create strong demand!

Please submit names by 30th April.
From the names submitted, the outcome will be determined by a vote among the senior club members. In the event of a tie the Club President will have the casting vote – hopefully we can drive this to conclusion quickly to avoid any potential voter apathy in June. 🙂

Please get in touch via email (or by old fashioned chat with me, Hannah, Gina, Jane or Mark) if you have any questions about the roles

Stuart Secretary CADSC

How to follow the club online


So there are a number of ways to follow the club online.

The website –

Twitter – 

Facebook – search on facebook for “Cupar Swimming”, like the image below. Select the Cupar Swimming at the top and follow. This account is open and automated from the website, that goes to twitter and then facebook. But sometime it doesn’t work 100% of the time. Annoying I know but …. hey it’s free 🙂

Hope this helps.

Club Times Sheet and Records

they have been uploaded – although they have been on the board for a while now. >> 


Carnegie Mini Meet on Sunday 30th April

Hi Everyone,

I have attached meet information for the Carnegie Mini Meet on Sunday 30th April. However, I would need to know today if you would like to enter as I am away for the rest of the week.

Please let me know by 5.00 pm if you would like to enter.

From KB – please check your emails.

Spring Mini Meet – Meet Info 2017


Yellow water bottle left at swimming

It’s in the control room at the pool.


Swimming Cancelled Friday 24th

Sorry swimming tonight Friday 24th is cancelled. 

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